Shelf To Person Picking

Shelf/Pallet Handling: Precision in Every Pick, Delight with Every Delivery!
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Quicktron's Shelf/Pallet-to-Person (GTP) picking is a warehouse automation solution that uses robots to bring the goods to the picker at workstations, rather than the picker having to go to the goods. It involves strategically storing multiple SKUs in sections of shelving, pallets, or bins which are then transferred to workstations using autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). This system employs advanced robotics and AI algorithms to store and then deliver goods to workstations while optimizing the process, eliminating unproductive tasks minimizing human intervention, and maximizing efficiency.
Streamline, Accelerate, Succeed!
Scenario-Specific Design Adaptable to changing needs
Dynamic allocation of racks, pallets and shelves, with 99.99% accuracy
Seamless Integration with Upstream System ERP, WMS etc. etc.
Picking efficiency increased by 4X


Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Intervention!

Our GTP Picking Solutions have been meticulously designed to enhance order handling capabilities, ensuring higher order volumes are managed seamlessly while maintaining unmatched accuracy, making it an essential tool for modernizing logistics operations.


Software Platform

Elevate Your Warehouse Performance to New Heights

The Warehouse Control System (WCS) and Robot Control system (RCS) orchestrate the movement of autonomous robots, storage position allocation, optimizing paths, and ensuring precision, while the Warehouse Execution System (WES) intelligently assigns tasks, optimizing pick sequences for peak efficiency. This eliminates non-value-added activity in the warehouse. When all of the elements are combined, the efficiency of picking, replenishment, returns processing, and other processes is increased by 3-4 times.

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Eliminate Travel Time

With autonomous delivery of goods directly to operators stationed at their workstations, the need for travel within aisles is completely eliminated. This streamlined approach allows robots to handle the preliminary tasks, freeing operators to concentrate on the crucial final stages of picking and delivery.

AI-Powered Operations

Our AI-powered system combines real-time path planning, adaptive task allocation, and data analytics for efficient multi-robot coordination and dynamic storage. This optimizes operations for peak efficiency and responsiveness.

Scalable System

Designed for scalability, our goods-to- person systems effortlessly adjust to your company's expansion needs. They enable seamless increases in robot numbers for peak seasons and reductions during off-peak times, ensuring efficient resource utilization all year round.

Application Scenarios

Full and split case picking
Replenishment + Reverse logistics
Single item orders, and small / medium / large picking

Application Industries

Cold chain

What are the customer challenges?

Low efficiency of manual picking
Rising real estate costs and high cost of traditional warehousing solutions
Labor shortages, high labor costs
Complex order portfolio, the low overlap of multi- item orders
High SKU count and short order fulfillment cycle
Flexible operations

Value for the Customer

Performance Driven
  • Software and hardware use standardized modular design

  • Easy installation with minimal infrastructure changes

Flexible operation
  • Seamless connection with OMS/WMS/MES upper-level

  • systems shortens the implementation period

  • Precise operation with 99.99% Accuracy

  • Labor costs reduced by 60-80%

Advanced handling
  • Collision-free path planning, storage optimization, robot collaboration, and other algorithms ensure fast delivery of goods to the operator

  • Multiple orders can be fulfilled simultaneously.

Quick ROI
  • Average Payback in 1-3 years

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