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75% More Storage, 4X Faster Order Fulfillment

QuickBin™ is our patented dual-robot Bin-to-Person system a type of Goods-to-Person Picking used in warehouses and fulfillment centers. This patented duo of tall and mini robots, guided by intelligent software, conquers space limitations and order fulfillment challenges with unparalleled flexibility. Tall C56 robots navigate aisles, scale tall shelves, dynamically storing, retrieving, and picking goods, while mini robots M5 zip around delivering individual bins directly to pickers. This eliminates wasted time in inventory searches, minimizes errors, increases throughput, and boosts efficiency, letting your workers focus on what they do best.

QuickBin™ empowers intelligent decision-making with advanced tracking, real-time inventory updates, and seamless integration with warehouse management systems, ensuring complete visibility and control. This level of transparency makes QuickBin™ the ultimate solution for retail, e-commerce, and 3PL sectors, addressing fulfillment challenges and meeting the escalating demands of today's dynamic markets. Plus, its seamless integration with other AMR systems provides a flexible hybrid system that accommodates oversized inventory for enhanced operational adaptability.

QuickBin™ stands out as a top-tier robotic service, employing robot combinations, racks, and totes to streamline goods storage and delivery in warehouses. Our logistic transportation solutions set industry benchmarks, empowering customers to redefine their advertising and media exposure in the realm of warehousing services. Our versatile software system, tailored to diverse customer needs, guarantees smooth goods transportation and inventory management, alleviating concerns in the face of high order volumes.

Flexible Two Robotic Operations
Both robots are versatile, adaptable to various tasks, and can quickly adjust to changing demand patterns. The division of tasks among these robots enhances operational efficiency.
Storage Optimization
By analyzing order patterns, our system intelligently categorizes goods into A (high demand), B (average demand), and C (low demand) categories. This data-driven approach enables us to strategically position goods, maximizing storage efficiency.
Adaptable to varying throughput needs
The picking station can be configured with either one or two simultaneously working picking points, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the picking process.

Customer challenges!

Throughput fluctuations
Low storage capacity
Changing consumer demands
Increasing number of B2C orders and returns
Inefficient picking and high SKU count
Safety Concerns
Real Estate Price Surge
Labor shortages and expensive labor

Efficiency Elevated

Picking Robots for Optimized Storage and Retrieval!

By utilizing Picking Robots (C56), QuickBin leverages the key benefits of ASRS, enabling dense storage and optimized inventory management. The intelligent double mast design of C56 ensures efficient use of vertical space, while its impressive height of 32.8 ft (10m) combined with double deep design unlocks unprecedented control over stock levels, all while achieving a remarkable 99.99% accuracy.

  • High Density Storage: Double-deep + 32.8 ft height

  • Picking Arm Modules: Telescopic or Vacuum Suction

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Seamless Goods-to-Person Handling

Next-Gen Mini Moving Robots: Speed in Motion

In QuickBin settings, these mini robots seamlessly deliver goods from storage areas to workstations and vice versa by following one another in 1-2 seconds intervals saving the operator’s waiting time. It eliminates the need for workers to navigate the warehouse to retrieve items, revolutionizing the way the workforce interacts with robots. This feature drastically reduces worker travel time, minimizing inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your order fulfillment processes.

  • Speed 2m/s

  • Compact design

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Software Platform

Taking Your Warehouse Performance to New Heights

Quicktron’s software platform encompasses WES and RCS which work in tandem to streamline warehouse operations. The combined power of these systems with different combinations enables businesses to meet the evolving demands of modern warehousing with efficiency and agility. Our AI-Algorithms ensure seamless robotic movement by optimal path planning and make a collision-free environment to maximize traffic efficiency. The system predicts future demand by analyzing order history to determine the optimal location for shelves and bins, order parameters allow better storage space management and inventory diversification. The system analyzes outgoing orders to group related goods, enhancing the shelf hit rate.

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Patented Technology

Patented Innovation for a Safer Tomorrow

QuickBin, our patented goods-to-person picking technology is an innovation that revolutionizes operations with a strong focus on safety and productivity. Trust in QuickBin for not only heightened productivity but also the added assurance of patented protection.

Patent No.: US 11,702,288 B2

Patent No.: US 11,634,281 B2

The Benefits of QuickBin

Flexible, scalable system
  • Easy expansion: Grow the number of robots as your business grow

  • Can be customized and configured to fit specific business requirements

Unparalleled Efficiency
  • Pick More, Pick Faster

  • 200,000+ order lines/ day

  • Efficiency Boost 3-4X

Space Optimization
  • Stack totes up to 10 meters high with zero gaps, saving valuable floor space

  • Maximizes storage space, Stores higher stores faster and more

Quick ROI
  • Sophisticated investment

  • Shorter payback period of 1-2 years

  • Customer satisfaction and profitability

Mitigate the labor shortage
  • Labor Cost Saved by 50-60% on average

Inventory Accuracy
  • Accuracy rate 99.99%

  • Eliminates the risk of stockouts or overstocks

Amplify Your Fulfillment Capabilities
The rise of e-commerce has ignited a surge in demand for faster fulfillment and efficient logistics in the retail industry. As online shopping gains popularity, businesses are under pressure to meet the expectations of customers who seek faster deliveries and seamless omnichannel experiences.
QuickBin elevated material handling efficiency to unprecedented levels. Goods are brought directly to workers, enabling them to focus on core tasks with exceptional speed and precision. Experience a remarkable increase in throughput and an overall improvement in warehouse productivity. With QuickBin, amplify your operational efficiency by 2-3 times, simplifying material handling and accelerating fulfillment.
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