Quicktron X Flash Express

Revolutionizing Last-Mile Delivery with Goods-to-person Robotics

Flash Express, Thailand's leading private courier firm, has been at the forefront of the logistics industry, catering to the booming e-commerce demands in the region. Delivering up to 2 million packages annually, the company faced a critical challenge in meeting its ambitious delivery goals of 1-2 days within Thailand and 3-7 days across Southeast Asia. To address these challenges and optimize their last-mile delivery operations, Flash Express turned to Quicktron's cutting-edge robotic Goods-to-Person solution.

Quicktron X Flash Express | Logistics Unicorn Achieves Fulfillment Goals with Automation Overhaul

Challenges and Objectives

Mounting delivery demands
Faster delivery (Domestic 1-2 days, Southeast Asia 3-7 days)
Rising Labor Costs
Traditional handling inefficiencies

As the e-commerce market continued to surge, Flash Express experienced an exponential rise in package volumes, necessitating a sophisticated logistics system to efficiently handle and deliver parcels. Traditional handling processes were no longer sustainable due to delays, errors, and labor constraints. To stay competitive and maintain its position as Thailand's logistics giant, Flash Express needed an innovative automation solution that would streamline its operations and maximize productivity while minimizing errors.

Solution and Benefits

5000 SQM
Automated Area
168 AMRs
M-Series Robot
Cost Saving
350 pcs/h/stn

Quicktron provided Flash Express with a comprehensive automation package. The centerpiece of this solution was the robotic Goods-to-Person system, which seamlessly integrated with existing automation systems, including flat belt conveyors, inclining conveyors, balance wheel sorters, and case unpackers. Working in harmony, this integrated system transformed Flash Express's warehouse into an efficient, high-speed logistics hub. The robotic Goods-to-Person system enabled swift and accurate retrieval of items, drastically reducing the time it took to process orders and fulfill deliveries. By eliminating the need for manual searching and sorting, the solution effectively minimized errors and enhanced the overall delivery experience for customers.

The streamlined workflow allowed them to handle a higher volume of packages in a shorter time, enabling the company to meet its delivery goals more efficiently. Customers within Thailand now experience faster delivery times of 1-2 days, while those across Southeast Asia received their packages within the targeted 3-7-day timeframe. Additionally, the reduction in errors and precise handling of packages contributed to an enhanced level of customer satisfaction. Flash Express gained a competitive edge in the market as a result of this optimized processing rate and seamless last-mile delivery.

Quicktron's automation solution significantly improved delivery efficiency, reduced errors, and enhanced customer satisfaction which led us to deliver our order on-time without any delay.

Flash Express

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