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LIQUN Group is a prominent commercial conglomerate known for its extensive range of products and services. Operating in the O2O and B2B online platforms, as well as serving both online and offline stores, the company plays a vital role in the distribution and fulfillment of a diverse array of products. The Group faced significant operational challenges, including the need to meet the demands of rapid deliveries and address a concerning rate of errors in their processes. These challenges were not only leading to order returns but also causing detrimental delays and increased operational costs. In response to these challenges, the company sought to rectify warehousing inefficiencies by embracing Quicktron’s automation solutions

Challenges and Objectives

Swift Deliveries Demands
High Error Rates
Order Returns
Space Wastage

Challenges and Objectives

In order to adapt to a fast-paced and competitive market, LIQUN Group has identified and addressed several critical challenges:

  • Swift Deliveries: Struggling to meet the expectations for quick deliveries in a competitive market.
  • Error Rates: Dealing with a high rate of errors in order fulfillment, leading to customer dissatisfaction and increased costs.
  • Order Returns: Frequent order returns due to inaccuracies and delays in the fulfillment process.
  • Space Utilization: Inefficient manual operations caused extensive space waste in the warehouse

To overcome these challenges, LIQUN Group established the following objectives:

  • Automation: Implement an automation solution to streamline order fulfillment operations.
  • Efficiency: Significantly reduce order fulfillment time to meet the demands of swift deliveries.
  • Error Reduction: Minimize errors in order fulfillment to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs all while utilizing the space in a more profound manner.

Solution and Benefits

Quicktron Robotics implemented the QuickBin solution, transforming LIQUN Group's fulfillment operations. Key components of this solution included:

  • Robotics Integration: The solution incorporated a fleet of 16 Picking Robots C56 and 45 Mini-Robots M5 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to handle autonomous goods-to-person picking.
  • 24/7 operations: The solution enabled 24/7 operations, reducing the order fulfillment time by 2 hours.
  • Inventory and Transportation Management: Quicktron's RCS and WES systems, optimized inventory and transportation, prioritizing high-demand orders using AI Statistics.
  • Accuracy: The system achieved an exceptional accuracy rate of 99.99%.


The implementation of Quicktron's solution delivered remarkable results for LIQUN Group:

  • Picking Efficiency: Picking efficiency was boosted by an impressive 400%, enabling faster order fulfillment.
  • Space Utilization: Storage space utilization increased by a substantial 60%, optimizing warehouse capacity.
  • Cost Savings: The significant reduction in order fulfillment time led to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customers experienced quicker deliveries, reduced errors, and increased satisfaction.

"Quicktron Robotics has transformed our fulfillment operations beyond our expectations. With their advanced automation solutions, we've not only achieved remarkable efficiency gains and cost savings but have also significantly improved customer satisfaction. Our customers now enjoy faster deliveries and fewer errors, which has strengthened our position in the market. We're grateful for Quicktron's partnership in our journey towards operational excellence."


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