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Effortless Global Fulfillment via Goods-to-Person Automation

4PX is a global logistics company that offers a comprehensive range of services, including cross-border e-commerce logistics, warehousing, and fulfillment, as well as supply chain management. With a global presence, 4PX plays a vital role in enabling efficient global trade. 4PX Bremen faced challenges related to the effective management of sizable single-item orders during the picking process. These inefficiencies resulted in delivery delays, returns, and increased costs in their order fulfillment operations. To address these issues, 4PX sought a tailored solution to enhance their fulfillment capabilities.

Challenges and Objectives

Order Management
Delivery Delays

4PX faced challenges in managing single-item orders efficiently, causing operational bottlenecks. This led to delivery delays, increased return rates, and higher operational costs. Their objectives were to enhance order fulfillment efficiency, and accuracy, and reduce costs, eventually addressing these challenges with Quicktron and Cainiao's automated solution.

Order Management: Inefficient order management was leading to operational bottlenecks.

Delivery Delays: Order fulfillment delays led to decreased customer satisfaction.

Returns: An increase in returns due to order processing inefficiencies.

Costs: Inefficient order fulfillment processes led to elevated operational costs.

To overcome these challenges, 4PX established the following objectives:

Efficiency Enhancement: Implement a solution to significantly enhance order fulfillment efficiency.

Accuracy Improvement: Improve the accuracy of order processing.

Cost Reduction: Reduce operational costs.

Real-time Data Analytics: Implement real-time data analytics and task allocation to enhance the picking process.

Storage Optimization: Optimize storage space for better inventory management.

Solution and Benefits

8000 SQM
Automated Area
Mobile Robots
Storage Capacity Boost
Efficiency Boost

Quicktron, in collaboration with Cainiao, provided a tailored solution to meet the fulfillment needs of 4PX:

Fleet of M-Series Robots: A fleet of 76+ M-Series Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) was deployed to seamlessly deliver shelves to operators at workstations.

Automated Picking System: The automated picking system efficiently processes a large number of SKUs owned by different merchants.

Automated Area: The automated area spanned 8000 square meters.

Accuracy Rate: The solution achieved an exceptional accuracy rate of 99.99%.

Storage Capacity: Storage capacity was increased by a remarkable 200%.

Picking Efficiency: The implementation of Quicktron's solution boosted picking efficiency by an impressive 300%.

Real-time Data Analytics: Real-time data analytics and task allocation further enhanced the picking process.

"Quicktron in collaboration with Cainiao has transformed our fulfillment operations at 4PX Bremen warehouse. The automated picking system, coupled with the fleet of M-Series Robots, has tripled our efficiency. We can now efficiently process a large number of SKUs from various merchants, reducing delivery delays, returns, and operational costs. Quicktron's commitment to excellence and innovation shines through in their tailored solutions."

4PX Bremen

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