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Streamlined Logistics Workflows in a Fully Automated Factory
Streamlined Logistics Workflows in a Fully Automated Factory
Streamlined Logistics Workflows in a Fully Automated Factory

Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, a leading elevator manufacturer in China with a remarkable track record of producing over 1 million elevators since its establishment in 1987, faced a multitude of challenges. These challenges primarily revolved around precision and accuracy issues encountered while working with a staggering 130 distinct robot types within their smart factory. Ensuring both safety and precision in task execution and seamless transportation to the warehouse emerged as imperatives, prompting the need for a streamlined intralogistics approach.

Challenges and Objectives

Multi-robot coordination
Safety Concerns
Speedy Transportation

Multi-robot coordination: Managing material handling operations and docking with distinct robot types within the smart factory posed precision and accuracy challenges.

Safety Concerns: Ensuring safety in task execution was imperative.

Speedy Transportation: Seamless transportation of materials to the warehouse needed optimization.

The primary objectives were to:

Streamline intralogistics to address precision and accuracy challenges within the factory.

Ensure safety and precision in task execution.

Optimize transportation of materials to the warehouse for improved efficiency.

Solution and Benefits

6000 SQM
Automated Area
Mobile Robots
13 seconds
Cycle Time
Efficiency Boost

Quicktron's solution began in warehousing and expanded to the factory, enabling point-to-point transport of up to 1500 kg loads using M-series robots. A single operator now effortlessly handles multiple tasks such as spare parts picking, streamlining workflows, and after-sale services. These robots create smooth production line connectivity, boosting safety and auxiliary material handling efficiency. By enhancing precision, safety, and operational cohesion, Quicktron revolutionized Shanghai Mitsubishi's manufacturing logistics.

Intralogistics Excellence: An extensive 6000 sqm area was automated using 11 mobile robots. This orchestration is controlled by RCS and LES systems, the robot follows the given path for efficient P2P Material transfer.

Efficiency Boost: The system achieved an impressive threefold boost in efficiency.

Cycle Time Optimization: Cycle time was reduced to a remarkable 15 seconds.

Precision and Accuracy: Achieved an accuracy rate of 99.99%.

"Quicktron's innovative automation approach has revolutionized our manufacturing logistics, enhancing precision, safety, and efficiency in our smart factory."

Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator

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