Quicktron X Erke

Robotic Automation in One of The Largest Shoe Brands

Erke, a multinational sportswear and shoe company with an extensive presence of 7000 stores in China, found itself locked in intense competition with well-established foreign rivals. To maintain and strengthen their market position, Erke recognized the urgent need to overhaul their supply chain. Delays in order fulfillment had been adversely affecting customer satisfaction and jeopardizing their competitive edge.

Challenges and Objectives

Fierce Market Competition
Rising Demands
Order Delays
Low operational efficiency

Erke encountered several critical challenges:

Fierce Market Competition: The competitive landscape, with established foreign rivals, required Erke to enhance its supply chain for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Rising Demands: Meeting increasing demands from customers and retailers was essential to sustain growth.

Order Delays: Delays in order fulfillment were negatively impacting customer satisfaction and market position.

Low operational efficiency: The traditional warehousing methods were slow and outdated hindering their operations and delivery speed. Erke needed to optimize SKU storage and order picking processes for superior performance and operational excellence.

The primary objectives were to:

Enhance supply chain efficiency to meet rising demands and improve competitiveness.

Address order fulfillment delays and boost customer satisfaction.

Optimize SKU storage and order-picking processes for improved performance.

Solution and Benefits

2,000 SQM
Automated Area
Mobile Robots
Efficiency Boost

Erke partnered with Quicktron and deployed 56 mobile robots for efficient goods-to-person handling. The integration of Quicktron's software platform optimized SKU storage increased the shelf hit rate, and ensured smooth order fulfillment, even during peak demand.

Automation detail: A substantial 000 sqm area underwent shelf-to-person automation, incorporating over 56 M-Series robots and 10 dedicated workstations. This transformation included advanced features like dynamic storage management, and automated delivery to workstations, all of which significantly reduced processing time and boosted overall productivity.

Efficiency Improvement: Efficiency surged by an impressive 300%, allowing Erke to handle up to 2000 orders per hour.

Sales Surge: Sales increased dramatically, surging up to 52 times, strengthening Erke's competitive position in the market.

"Quicktron's innovative solutions have played a pivotal role in strengthening our competitive position and elevating customer satisfaction, setting the stage for sustained growth and success."


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