Quicktron X Cubyn

France’s First Fully Automated E-commerce Warehouse

Cubyn, a B2B logistics company headquartered in Paris, France, specializing in tech-enabled order fulfillment services for e-businesses, faced complex challenges in inventory management and order fulfillment. These challenges were driven by rising costs and a growing distribution environment with increasing orders. In response, Cubyn sought to enhance operational efficiency and effectively meet customer demands.

Challenges and Objectives

Rising Costs
Complex Distribution Environment
Efficiency Enhancement
Deliver demands

Cubyn confronted several critical challenges:

Rising Costs: Escalating costs in inventory management and order fulfillment were impacting profitability.

Complex Distribution Environment: Managing a complex distribution environment with a surge in orders requires innovative solutions.

Efficiency Enhancement: The primary objective was to enhance operational efficiency to meet growing customer demands effectively.

Deliver demands: With e-commerce rising the fluctuating consumer demands are increasing pressures for faster delivery.

The primary objectives were to:

Enhance operational efficiency to meet growing customer demands effectively.

Streamline inventory management processes to reduce costs and boost efficiency.

Achieve greater accuracy in order fulfillment to reduce errors and returns.

Solution and Benefits

5000 SQM
Automated Area
Mobile Robots
Energy Saving
Efficiency Boost

Cubyn implemented Quicktron's QuickBin solution, deploying over 300 robots to streamline their operations. The integration of Quicktron's Robotic Control System (RCS) with Cubyn's Warehouse Management System (WMS) led to remarkable improvements:

Robot deployment: A substantial 5000 sqm area is automated using a QuickBin solution that includes over 300 Mobile Robots (AMRs) with 10 workstations. Goods were dynamically stored on racks, with high-demand items strategically placed in the bottom and front rows for efficient picking and accelerated speed.

Inventory Management Efficiency: Integration of Quicktron's OS and the customer’s upstream system resulted in a remarkable 300% improvement in inventory management efficiency.

Cost Savings and Sustainability: The solution not only saved costs but also reduced carbon emissions, making it a sustainable choice for Cubyn.

Order Accuracy: Cubyn experienced an impressive 99.99% accuracy in order delivery, reducing order returns and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Energy Consumption: The implementation led to a significant 90% reduction in energy consumption, aligning with sustainability goals.

“This transformation positioned Cubyn for sustained growth, enabling us to efficiently manage the complexities of distribution, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Quicktron's advanced technology played a pivotal role in achieving these outcomes, ultimately contributing to Cubyn's success in the competitive logistics landscape.”


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