Quicktron X IQ Fulfillment

The First Robotic Fulfillment Solution in the MENA Region
Retail & E-commerce
United Arab Emirates

IQ Fulfilment, a technology-driven fulfillment company serving e-commerce businesses in the MENA region, confronted the formidable challenge of adapting to the digital transformation driven by the e-commerce boom. They sought to optimize warehousing capacity and speed by integrating robots with their existing conveyor systems.

Challenges and Objectives

E-commerce Boom
Low Warehouse Efficiency
Integration with existing conveyors
Low Labor Efficiency

IQ Fulfilment faced several critical challenges:

E-commerce Boom: The rapid expansion of e-commerce in the MENA region created the need for IQ Fulfilment to scale its operations while maintaining efficiency.

Low Warehouse Efficiency: There was a pressing need to optimize warehousing capacity and speed to meet the increasing demand for e-commerce fulfillment services.

Integration with existing conveyors: Existing conveyor systems lack scalability so integrating robotics seamlessly with their existing conveyor systems was needed to boost speed and efficiency.

Low Labor Efficiency: Reducing labor costs and enhancing workforce efficiency were essential objectives.

The primary objectives were to:

Enhance warehousing operations to handle increased volume and maintain efficiency.

Dramatically boost fulfillment speed.

Seamlessly integrate robotic solutions into their existing setup.

Achieve substantial labor cost savings while maintaining operational excellence.

Solution and Benefits

1500 SQM
Automated Area
M-Series Robots
Daily Order Volume
Labor Optimization

IQ Fulfilment implemented Quicktron's shelf-based Goods-to-Person solutions in a 1500 SQM, featuring 40 M-series robots, which transformed their warehousing operations with remarkable results:

Robotic Integration: A shelf-to-person solution using 40 robots is integrated with their existing conveyor systems. Goods are strategically stored on shelves which are then delivered to pickers at workstations and conveyors eliminating travel time. All the robotic movement is controlled by our AI-driven operating system.

Fulfillment Speed: The seamless integration of the robotic system with their existing conveyor belts resulted in an astonishing four-fold boost in fulfillment speed.

Operational Efficiency: With a lean team of only 12 people, IQ Fulfilment now offers one of the fastest delivery services across the Middle East region, achieving a remarkable 300% increase in efficiency. 

Order Volume: They successfully manage a daily order volume of 12,000 orders, a testament to their newfound capacity and speed.

Labor Cost Savings: IQ Fulfilment achieved an impressive 60% reduction in labor costs, underscoring the economic benefits of automation in fulfillment.

"Quicktron's Goods-to-Person solutions have not only elevated our operational efficiency but have also allowed us to offer lightning-fast delivery services to our customers, positioning us as a leader in the MENA e-commerce fulfillment landscape."

Fadi Amoudi- Founder at IQ Fulfillment

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