Quicktron X Inventec

Powering production lines with the cross-floor precise material flow

Inventec, renowned for its high-quality and innovative electronic products, embarked on a journey to revolutionize material flow precision and efficiency within its Shanghai factory. This transformation spanned multiple facets, including automation for component warehousing, finished product handling, production line automation, and waste management.

Challenges and Objectives

Material Flow Precision
Efficiency Enhancement
Production Line Connectivity

Inventec encountered a set of critical challenges:

Material Flow Precision: Ensuring precise movement of materials within a dynamic manufacturing environment posed a substantial challenge.

Efficiency Enhancement: Elevating operational efficiency across various factory processes was a key objective.

Production Line Connectivity: Enabling seamless connections between production lines on distinct floors requires a comprehensive solution.

Inventec established clear objectives:

Enhance material flow precision to meet stringent manufacturing standards.

Optimize overall operational efficiency, streamlining various factory processes.

Facilitate cross-floor production line connectivity to ensure timely deliveries and process optimization.

Solution and Benefits

2000 SQM
Automated Area
31 AMRs
Mobile Robots

Quicktron's solution, powered by AI-driven mobile robots realizes the smart point-to-point material handling, bringing a transformative shift to Inventec's Shanghai factory. The 20,000 sqm facility witnessed a profound automation makeover, where 334 strategically positioned shelves are transported using 31 m-series mobile robots with 99.99% accuracy, streamlining complex scenarios.

Robotic operations seamlessly managed material movement across diverse locations within a single building.

Quicktron robots demonstrated their prowess by transporting loads of up to 600 kg, connecting production lines on different floors via elevators, guaranteeing punctual deliveries, and process optimization.

The factory's site, divided into PCA and SMT sections, relied on Quicktron's robotic system to execute production line tasks efficiently through PDA technology.

“Inventec's partnership with Quicktron marked a significant step towards achieving material flow precision and operational efficiency in our operations, positioning the company for sustained success in the ever-evolving electronic products industry.”


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