Quicktron X MPE

Empowering Vietnam's Manufacturing Industry with Smart Robotics

MPE Smart Factory, specializing in the production of lighting products and electrical equipment, boasts an impressive annual production capacity of 100 million units, backed by a total investment of 2 trillion Vietnamese dong. Seeking cost-efficient and secure intralogistics, MPE aimed to embrace the lights-out factory concept, enabling 24/7 operations. Their goal was to automate material handling, enhance workplace safety, and simultaneously reduce labor costs.

Challenges and Objectives

Lights-Out Factory Implementation
Enhanced Workplace Safety
Labor Cost Reduction

MPE faced specific challenges and set clear objectives:

Lights-Out Factory Implementation: Transforming into a lights-out factory required seamless automation of material handling.

Enhanced Workplace Safety: Ensuring workplace safety was imperative.

Labor Cost Reduction: Reducing labor costs while maintaining efficiency was a key goal.

The primary objectives were to:

Achieve lights-out factory operations for round-the-clock production.

Enhance workplace safety through automation.

Realize substantial labor cost reductions.

Achieve a remarkable stacking accuracy rate.

Solution and Benefits

4000 SQM
Automated Area
15 AMRs
Mobile Robots
Cost Saving

Quicktron, in collaboration with Linde, played a pivotal role in bringing MPE's vision to life. The fully automated factory utilized robots (AMRs) that navigated seamlessly using QR and RFID navigation, optimizing material handling efficiency. With a remarkable 99.99% stacking accuracy, these robots eliminated errors stemming from human factors. This round-the-clock operational system is redefining the logistics landscape, revolutionizing the industry with efficiency and reliability.

Complete Automation: An extensive 4000 square meter area was fully automated with 15 Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), Our robot system is seamlessly integrated with the ASRS system facilitating all ground movement of goods from one point to another seamlessly.

Labor Cost Savings: MPE achieved substantial cost savings, reducing labor costs by 60%.

Stacking Accuracy: Achieved an impressive stacking accuracy rate of 99.99%.

“Through the collaboration with Linde, Quicktron empowered MPE Smart Factory to fully embrace the lights-out factory concept, enabling seamless 24/7 operations, enhancing workplace safety, and delivering substantial cost reductions.”


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