Quicktron X Golds

Revolution in Toy Manufacturing with Smart Robotics

Golds, a renowned manufacturer of toy building bricks and the top supplier in the industry with an annual production exceeding 10 billion pieces faced persistent complaints about slow deliveries and errors. To address these challenges and expedite the delivery of MOC (My Own Creation) parts, Golds sought a cost-effective automation solution.

Challenges and Objectives

Slow Deliveries
Accuracy and Precision
High Operational Costs

Golds Company confronted a multitude of challenges in their e-commerce warehouse operations, which were impacting their reputation and customer satisfaction. These challenges highlighted the urgent need for a cost-effective automation solution.

Slow Deliveries: Persistent complaints about slow deliveries were impacting customer satisfaction.

Errors: Errors in order processing needed to be minimized.

Accuracy and Precision: Achieving high levels of accuracy and precision in material handling and order fulfillment was essential to meet customer expectations.

High Operational Costs: Operating costs were high, and Golds aimed to reduce these costs while improving efficiency.

Golds Company set clear objectives:

Expedite order processing and deliveries.

Minimize errors in material handling and order fulfillment.

Reducing operational costs while maintaining efficiency to improve overall profitability.

Solution and Benefits

1000 SQM
Automated Area
50 AMRs
Mobile Robots
Efficiency Boost

Quicktron stepped in with intelligent robotic solutions to automate material handling tasks. The impact of the shelf-to-person (GTP) system was remarkable, with speed and efficiency surging by 3-4 times. By optimizing storage, material transfer, sorting, and packaging with advanced warehousing systems, orders were processed faster, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

Automation Detail: An area of 1000 square meters was automated with 50 AMRs, guided by RCS through WES that is connected with the upstream system, creating a seamless and efficient intralogistics operation.

Accuracy: Achieved an impressive accuracy rate of 99.99%.

Efficiency Surge: Efficiency was boosted by a substantial 200%.

"Quicktron's automation solution not only tackles slow deliveries and errors but also turbocharges order processing, elevating customer satisfaction. These intelligent mobile robots have truly simplified the lives of our workers."


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