Quicktron X Cowell Health

Redefining the standards of efficiency in medical distribution through Robotics

Cowell Health, a medical giant with 10,000 pharmacies, faced the challenge of meeting surging medical service demands while maintaining a temperature-controlled environment. In response to these challenges, they aimed to enhance efficiency, optimize inventory management, and ensure precision in their operations.

Challenges and Objectives

Surging Demand
Temperature-Controlled Environment
Vast Inventory

Cowell Health encountered several challenges, including rapidly increasing medical service demands, inventory management in the temperature control environment, efficient service delivery, and managing an extensive inventory.

Surging Demand: Rapidly increasing medical service demands presented a significant challenge for Cowell Health.

Temperature-Controlled Environment: Maintaining a temperature-controlled setting requires a high-precision, responsive robotic system.

Efficiency: Ensuring efficient delivery of medical services in a dynamic environment.

Vast Inventory: Effectively managing a diverse inventory of 7,000 SKUs within the temperature-controlled environment.

Cowell Health aimed to:

Enhance delivery speed to meet the surging demand for medical services. Implement a temperature-controlled robotic system with high precision.

Improve overall operational efficiency to manage a vast inventory by leveraging automation.

Solution and Benefits

8000 SQM
Automated Area
668 AMRs
Mobile Robots
Efficiency Boost

Quicktron provided a comprehensive solution comprising 668 mobile robots and advanced warehousing software. This solution resulted in a remarkable 3X increase in operational efficiency, maintained an accuracy rate of 99.99%, and streamlined inventory management. These outcomes empowered Cowell Health to excel in delivering medical services, meeting the demands of its growing patient base while maintaining precision and efficiency.

Shelf-to-person handling: In an extensive space of 8000 sqm a fleet of 668 M-Series mobile robots were utilized for autonomous delivery of goods to workstations. AI-driven algorithm strategically organized inventory, ensuring swift access to high-demand items.

Accuracy: Robots achieved an exceptional accuracy rate of 99.99% in material handling.

Efficiency Surge: Efficiency was boosted by a remarkable 300%.

Inventory Management: Efficiently managed 7,000 SKUs within the temperature-controlled environment.

"With robots delivering goods to workers at workstations, our team conserves energy for value-added tasks, further enhancing our delivery efficiency."


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