Quicktron X CIRRO

Reliable Cross-border E-commerce Using Smart Robotics
United Kindom

CIRRO, a pivotal player in third-party e-commerce warehousing and logistics services, found itself grappling with substantial challenges, including efficient handling of multi-item orders, labor shortages, and ensuring reliable services amid pandemic restrictions. Manual material handling processes not only hindered productivity but also posed a threat to customer satisfaction which led them to Quicktron for the solution.

Challenges and Objectives

E-commerce Rise During COVID
Labor shortages
Changing consumer demands
Huge Multi-item order handling

CIRRO’s multifaceted challenges necessitated an innovative approach. Handling multi-item orders efficiently, bridging labor gaps, and maintaining steadfast services during pandemic-induced uncertainties were paramount. The objective was to revolutionize operations, mitigate risks, and elevate customer satisfaction. CIRRO sought a solution that could seamlessly manage complex logistics demands while ensuring robust productivity.

Solution and Benefits

10,200 SQM
Automated Area
M-Series Robots
Daily Picking Capacity

On British soil, Quicktron's GTP solution has ignited a warehousing revolution within the CIRRO warehouse, garnering industry-wide acclaim. A fleet of 128 AMRs deployed within an expansive 10,200 m2 space. These robots work in harmony to facilitate autonomous goods handling, efficiently navigating through the warehouse's intricacies. The orchestration of this automated dance was executed across 11 strategically positioned workstations, managing a complex inventory of 58,641 SKUs with astonishing accuracy.

"This extraordinary threefold leap in efficiency compared to manual operations underscores the transformative potential of automation in e-commerce logistics".


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