Quicktron X Stellantis

Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency with Robotics Automation

Stellantis (formerly known as PSA Groupe), a leading automotive behemoth, faced significant challenges in its manufacturing operations, including the need for precision and accuracy with productivity in its complex material handling scenarios. To address these issues and enhance productivity, Stellantis turned to Quicktron’s AI-powered robotic systems.

Challenges and Objectives

Docking with existing warehousing systems
Hundreds of handover points
7 kitting lines
20,000 transportation tasks per day

Stellantis' Sochaux car assembly plant is a massive facility with 15,000 square meters of space. The plant has hundreds of handover points, 7 kitting lines, and an astounding 20,000 transportation tasks daily. This complex environment presented a number of challenges for Stellantis, including the intricacies of material handling, high-volume, and multiple low-volume transportation tasks, and seamless human-robot coordination. They needed a solution that could ensure the safe and efficient movement of materials.

Solution and Benefits

15000 SQM
Automated Area
125 AMRs
AMRs M-100
20,000 Tasks per day

Quicktron provided Stellantis with a solution that addressed all of its challenges. Through seamless integration of our cutting-edge warehousing software platform with Stellantis' existing upstream system, we have harnessed the potential of 125 AI-powered M-100 series Autonomous Mobile Robots. Our AMRs are equipped with advanced sensors and navigation technology. This allows the AMRs to navigate complex scenarios, adapt to changes, and optimize routes for efficient transportation. The AMRs are also equipped with advanced safety features that ensure a secure and collaborative work environment.

Seamless coordination with Callbox, AS & RS, and PDAs improved material flow between storage, kitting, and production lines.

They have increased efficiency and productivity, reducing errors and meeting manufacturing commitments effortlessly.

Flexibility for further scaling and optimization of their global manufacturing processes.

"I am impressed with the efficiency and precision of Quicktron's robotic systems. They have significantly streamlined our material transportation process, saving us time and resources. The collaboration between our human workforce and these smart robots has been seamless."


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