Quicktron X BAMA

Redefining Efficiency in Tea Industry with Goods-to-person Robotics
Retail & E-commerce

BAMA brand, a frontrunner in China's tea chain industry and esteemed for its presence in the high-end tea market has embarked on a journey of enhancing its online sales and customer experience. With an established e-commerce supply chain, BAMA recognized the need to expedite deliveries and elevate service quality. This led to the pursuit of an innovative robotic solution for its e-commerce warehouse.

Challenges and Objectives

Fast Delivery Pressure
High Labor Cost
Errors and Returns
Safety & Precision Issues

In light of its commitment to excellence, BAMA faced the challenge of optimizing its online sales and delivery efficiency. The objective was clear: revolutionize warehouse operations to achieve seamless order fulfillment. The primary goal was to enhance customer experience and expedite delivery times while creating a safe working environment. BAMA needed a solution that could intelligently streamline its operations, reduce labor costs, and significantly improve accuracy.

Solution and Benefits

2,000 SQM
Automated Area
M-Series Robots
Labor Cost Reduction
Daily orders

Quicktron's AI-powered Goods-to-Person solution seamlessly integrated into BAMA's e-commerce warehouse, optimizing operations for enhanced efficiency. Within the confined 2000 sqm space, Quicktron's intelligent warehousing algorithms strategically organized 184 shelves, ensuring swift retrieval of high-demand items. This innovation doubled picking efficiency, while 18 M-Series Autonomous Mobile Robots orchestrated seamless workflow alongside 8 dedicated workstations. The outcome: a notable 30% reduction in labor costs and an exceptional 99.99% accuracy rate. With a capacity to process 5,000 daily orders, BAMA's partnership with Quicktron has ushered in a new era of precision-driven and automated artisan tea retail.

"We've gained unparalleled efficiency and precision in our material handling, with robots working efficiently to elevate our operations."


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