Quicktron X Coupang

South Korea’s Largest Mobile Robot Powered Logistics Center
Retail & E-commerce
South Korea

Coupang, renowned as South Korea's "Amazon," stands at the forefront of the country's e-commerce landscape, celebrated for its swift deliveries and expansive product range. Driven by escalating e-commerce demands, Coupang sought precision and speed in its order fulfillment process. The imperative was to establish an automation system that not only met these demands but also curtailed error rates, ensuring competitiveness in the market.

Challenges and Objectives

Massive Inventory
Slow operational efficiency
Faster delivery pressures
Error and Safety issues

Coupang faced the pressure of elevating its order fulfillment game to match surging e-commerce demands while maintaining accuracy. The objective was clear: create an automation ecosystem that guaranteed rapid and precise order processing. In a market dominated by efficiency, Coupang aimed to stay ahead through streamlined operations and minimal error margins.

Solution and Benefits

60,000 SQM
Automated Area
M-Series Robots
Efficiency Boost
Daily Picking Capacity

In a massive 60,000 sqm facility, Quicktron's fleet of 700 M-Series AMRs brought a transformative shift to Coupang's operations, revolutionizing the warehousing operations with AI-powered AMRs in Goods-to-Person Picking, streamlining goods storage, movement, and delivery of shelves to picking stations. RCS system in tandem with the upstream system optimized task management and resource allocation for exceptional operational efficiency. These versatile robots excelled in various tasks, from inbound duties to inventory management, delivering a remarkable 300% efficiency boost. Daily, the system processed a staggering 60,800 pieces with operations spanning 16 hours. This collaboration exemplifies e-commerce's evolution, solidifying Coupang's position as South Korea's premier player, and setting new standards for speed, precision, and fulfillment.

“The robotics system was a game-changer, with AI algorithms optimizing inventory management, increasing storage efficiency, and freeing up our workforce from long aisles, allowing them to concentrate on value-added tasks. The beauty of it all is the scalability and adaptability to evolving demands."


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