Quicktron X Winit

World’s Largest Bin-to-person Warehouse

WINIT, a supply chain management solution provider, aimed to optimize cross-border e-commerce businesses' inventory turnover and fulfillment costs. They faced challenges such as overwhelming orders and adapting to the complexities of cross-border fulfillment services.

Quicktron X Winit | World’s Largest Bin-to-person Warehouse

Challenges and Objectives

Overwhelming Orders
Complex Cross-Border Fulfillment
Slow Traditional Handling
Integration with existing automation

Overwhelming Orders: The company grappled with a high volume of orders, which posed challenges in terms of efficient processing and accuracy.

Complex Cross-Border Fulfillment: Managing the intricacies of cross-border fulfillment services, including handling a high volume of orders, was a daunting task.

Slow Traditional Handling: Traditional handling processes were slow and inefficient, impacting order processing speed and accuracy.

Integration with existing automation: Integrating robots with existing conveyor systems presented a challenging technical hurdle.

The primary objectives were to:

Enhance order processing speed and precision.

Streamline cross-border fulfillment operations.

Optimize inventory management for a wide range of SKU items.

Reduce labor costs and increase operational efficiency.

Solution and Benefits

8000 SQM
Automated Area
154 AMRs
Mobile Robots
15,000 SKUs
Labor Optimization

Quicktron's patented QuickBin solution emerged as the transformative remedy. This innovation fine-tuned inbound processes, streamlined picking, and seamlessly connected robots with conveyor belts. Furthermore, it optimized high-density storage for a vast array of SKU items, significantly elevating picking efficiency. The system efficiently allocated goods, strategically positioning fast-selling items for rapid fulfillment.

Robot Deployment: Covering an expansive 8000 square meters, the facility is a home for 154 Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that strategically manage inventory and realize automated delivery of bins to 16 workstations.

In/Outbound Efficiency: With the QuickBin solution, inbound and outbound efficiency reached an impressive 1500 bins per hour per station, marking a remarkable 300% increase in efficiency.

Inventory Optimization: The QuickBin solution utilizes AI algorithms to optimize high-density storage for 15,000 SKU items, ensuring strategic placement of fast-selling items for swift fulfillment.

Labor Cost Savings: WINIT achieved a remarkable 65% reduction in labor costs, underscoring the economic benefits of robotics in logistics.

“This transformation significantly enhanced WINIT's ability to process orders rapidly and accurately, even in the complex realm of cross-border e-commerce fulfillment. QuickBin solution has empowered us to navigate the challenges with unparalleled efficiency and precision, setting a new industry standard."


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