Quicktron X Runbow

Efficiently Meeting the Needs of a Diversified Customer Base

Runbow, one of China's fastest-growing 3PL service providers with a vast business network covering over 95% of the domestic market, faced pressing challenges related to workforce retention, expensive employee training, and the efficient management of an expanding international client base. Manual operations strained inventory management, hindering the company's ability to meet growing demand effectively.

Quicktron X Runbow | Efficiently Meeting the Needs of a Diversified Customer Base.

Challenges and Objectives

Workforce Shortage
Efficient Inventory Management
Low Operational Efficiency
High Cost

Workforce Shortage: The company grappled with worker shortages, leading to high turnover rates. This situation resulted in costly and time-consuming training for new employees.

Efficient Inventory Management: Managing inventory efficiently, particularly with an expanding international client base, proved challenging and costly through manual processes.

Low Operational Efficiency: Runbow aimed to enhance overall operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve customer satisfaction by streamlining its processes.

High Cost: The manual operational errors and returns, costly training and other costs made it challenging to continue with manual operations.

The primary objectives were to:

Improve workforce retention, decrease cost, and reduce the need for extensive training.

Enhance inventory management for a growing international client base.

Achieve overall operational efficiency gains.

Solution and Benefits

1000 SQM
Automated Area
73 AMRs
Mobile Robots
180,000 items
Labor Optimization

Runbow implemented Quicktron's QuickBin solution, featuring 73 mobile robots and advanced warehousing systems, which yielded significant improvements:

Workforce Optimization: The QuickBin solution helped mitigate workforce retention issues by automating critical tasks, and reducing reliance on manual labor. As a result, Runbow achieved a 65% reduction in labor costs.

Efficient Inventory Management: Vertical storage capabilities, combined with robot integration, maximized space utilization and streamlined inventory management. This innovation led to reduced operational costs and swift, uninterrupted deliveries.

Operational Efficiency: With an automated area spanning 1000 square meters, equipped with 73 autonomous mobile robots and 4 workstations, Runbow achieved outbound efficiency of 1000 pieces per hour per station, marking a remarkable 500% increase in efficiency.

Inventory Capacity: Runbow successfully managed an inventory of 180,000 items, meeting the demands of its expanding client base with ease.

"QuickBin solution has not only optimized our operations but also revolutionized our approach to customer service. It's a game-changer."


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