Quicktron X Cainiao

Asia’s Largest Mobile Robot Deployment in a Single Warehouse
Cainiao | Alibaba's logistics arm-Asia’s first massive fulfillment center with 1000+ Quicktron AMRs
Cainiao | Alibaba's logistics arm-Asia’s first massive fulfillment center with 1000+ Quicktron AMRs

Cainiao Group, the logistics arm of Alibaba Group, has made significant strides in smart logistics with the most extensive mobile robot deployment in Asia. Their mission: achieve 24-hour delivery across China and 72-hour global delivery

Challenges and Objectives

Swift Delivery Goals (24h Domestic & 72H Global)
Massive Inventory (800,000 items)
Massive Inventory (800,000 items)
Cost Reduction

Cainiao faced the challenge of expediting domestic and international deliveries while maintaining accuracy. Their objective was clear: revolutionize warehouse operations. To achieve this, Cainiao aimed to implement innovative solutions that could effectively automate their warehouse processes and streamline order fulfillment. The goal was to enable swift and efficient outbound order preparation, supporting their ambitious delivery timeline. Partnering with Quicktron, Cainiao sought a way to optimize its logistics ecosystem, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure precise order processing to meet its stringent delivery targets.

Solution and Benefits

30,000 SQM
Automated Area
M-Series Robots

The applied solution revolves around Goods-to-Person picking, seamlessly integrating shelves and AMRs, all orchestrated through the advanced WES and RCS operating systems. Quicktron's approach yielded remarkable results – a sprawling 30,000 sqm automated warehouse that houses a fleet of 1000 M-Series AMRs, adeptly handling a diverse array of 34,000 SKUs. With peak picking efficiency reaching 600 pieces per station per hour and an exceptional accuracy rate of 99.99%, outbound efficiency saw a remarkable surge of 30%. The partnership between Cainiao and Quicktron has transformed warehouse operations, setting novel benchmarks for speed and precision, and underscoring the potential of AI and robotics to revolutionize the logistics landscape.

"In partnership with Quicktron, we've redefined logistics possibilities. This groundbreaking deployment sets new standards for speed, accuracy, and efficiency, reflecting our commitment to transform the industry."

Cainiao Spokesperson

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