2023: A Year of Innovation, Growth, and Impact for Quicktron Robotics

M. Arslan Amjad
Manager, Marketing and Client Engagement
Author: M. Arslan Amjad Published At: 2024-01-04

As we bid farewell to 2023, it is with great pleasure that we reflect on the remarkable journey we have undertaken together at Quicktron Robotics. This year has been marked by significant milestones, innovative breakthroughs, market expansions, and collaborative efforts that have propelled our organization to new heights. This year has been a testament to the unwavering dedication, resilience, and passion that characterizes our collective pursuit of excellence in the field of robotics and automation.

1.   Market Expansion and Global Reach:

In 2023, Quicktron Robotics successfully expanded its market presence, reaching new territories and establishing strategic partnerships that have broadened our global footprint. Key achievements include:

  • Opened technical facilities in the USA and ANZ regions.
  • Opened a new European office in Birmingham, UK, our second base in Europe after Germany.
  •  Forged strong partnerships in Europe, USA, Thailand, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand regions
  • Attended major trade shows, including ProMAT in the USA, LogiMAT in Germany, Logis-Tech in Japan, and CeMAT in China.
  • Generated 60% of our sales revenue from overseas projects

2. Innovative Breakthroughs:

The heartbeat of Quicktron lies in innovation, and this year has been no exception. Our dedicated R&D teams have pushed the boundaries of robotics technology, resulting in the launch of groundbreaking products and solutions.


  • Hybrid Goods-to-Person Picking Solution: One System for All Item Sizes

Quicktron Pioneered Hybrid Picking Systems to optimize warehouse space by enabling efficient handling of diverse inventory sizes (totes, shelves, and pallets) within a single unified system. Three distinct robot types seamlessly collaborate, maximizing space utilization and accelerating order fulfillment through centralized workstations that allow workers convenient access to both small and large inventory.

  • Intelligent OS 3.0: Elevating Intelligent Robot Operations.

Quicktron’s 3.0 intelligent operating system has achieved the goals of smarter robot scheduling, more accurate traceability of on-site debugging problems, and enhanced adaptability to diverse scenarios.

3. Successful Projects:

The success of Quicktron Robotics is measured not only in the products we create but also in the impact we have on our customers' operations. Throughout the year, we have witnessed numerous success stories of organizations transforming their processes and achieving unprecedented efficiency with Quicktron solutions. Some notable projects include:

  • Radial: First Hybrid GTP Picking Project In Europe – 299 robots

The practical implementation of a hybrid picking solution manages 65,000+ totes, and 600+ pallets with the single unified system, the hybrid workstations provide the picker with maximum convenience to pick all inventory sizes at one location, processing 40,000 order lines per day.

  • Cubyn 2nd Phase: 300+ robots

Satisfied with Phase 1 deployment last year, Cubyn, the 3PL giant, has officially gone live with 300+ QuickBin robots this year in Phase 2 of its warehouse automation journey.

  • Stellantis: Automated manufacturing flows with AMRs

The automotive giant adopted hundreds of AMRs for their manufacturing flow automation. Robots handle 7 kitting lines with up to 20,000 transportation tasks per day creating a smooth material movement with 99.99% accuracy.

  • MGL and Eqseek: Redefining Order Fulfillment in Japan Through Smart Robotics

QuickBin solution remained the preferred choice for Japanese customers due to its dual robot operations that provide seamless order fulfillment, optimizing space and boosting efficiency by 400%.

4. Honors and recognitions

Quicktron Robotics proudly received several awards and recognitions in 2023, solidifying our position as an industry leader. Some of these include:

National Intellectual Property Office – Outstanding National Enterprise in terms of Intellectual Property

MIT Technology Review – Listed in Top 50 Chinese Globalized Enterprises with a Technological Edge

Hurun - Acknowledged as U40 Chinese Entrepreneurial Pioneer

Shanghai Economic and Informatization Commission – Shanghai’s Intelligent Robotics Benchmark Enterprise in Application Scenarios

36Kr - Awarded Future Business Monarch Enterprise of the Year

CV INFO - Included in The Top 100 Innovative Technology Enterprises of the Year Based on Innovation and Growth Potential

High-Tech Mobile Robotics - Pioneer Enterprise in International Expansion

Internet Weekly – Listed in Top 100 Science and Technology Innovation Unicorns

Hurun – Honored with the 2023 Hurun Global Cheetahs Award

5. Employee Empowerment and Development:

In 2023, Quicktron Robotics empowered its workforce by investing in targeted initiatives. Skill development via training programs, open communication channels fostering ownership and idea-sharing, and a focus on well-being through flexible work, benefits, and wellness programs, all created a supportive environment for employees to thrive. Additionally, Quicktron actively nurtured future talent through internship programs, ensuring a pipeline of skilled individuals equipped with the latest knowledge and ready to contribute from day one. This combined approach fueled innovation, productivity, and ultimately, Quicktron's sustained success.

6. Community Engagement and CSR:

As a responsible corporate citizen, Quicktron Robotics has actively engaged with the communities in which we operate. Quicktron partnered with local STEM schools and organized robotics workshops providing equipment and mentorship to spark young minds' passion for robotics and technology and prepare them for the future workforce.

Building a Greener Future:

Quicktron is committed to building a greener future by incorporating sustainable practices across its operations. Our eco-friendly manufacturing processes, use of recycled materials in robot design, and partnerships with conservation organizations showcase our dedication to reducing environmental impact. For example, in our robotic systems, we employ recyclable totes and embrace light-out warehousing, optimizing layouts to save space and cut energy consumption. These robots' precise movements and collision-avoidance tech minimize waste, while rechargeable batteries and energy-efficient motors further shrink their environmental footprint. Quicktron doesn't just deliver goods; we deliver a greener tomorrow for the logistics industry through resource optimization and waste reduction.

7. Looking Ahead to 2024:

With a strong foundation in innovation, market reach, and customer success, Quicktron is poised for even greater heights in 2024. We anticipate:

Continued market expansion: Entering new regions and strengthening existing partnerships.

Continued focus on innovation: Using AI and machine learning to develop even more advanced robotics solutions to address evolving industry needs.

Securing marquee projects across industries: We aim to partner with more diverse businesses, from manufacturing giants to logistics pioneers, tailoring our solutions to modern demands and demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of our technology.

Prioritizing employee and community well-being: Investing in talent development and social responsibility initiatives. Continued integration of eco-friendly practices throughout our operations.

Thank you to each member of the Quicktron family for your unwavering dedication and hard work throughout the year. Your contributions have been invaluable, and We’re excited to embark on the next chapter of our journey together.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our success in 2023. Together, we are unstoppable!

M. Arslan Amjad
Manager, Marketing and Client Engagement

Arslan crafts compelling content, executes social media campaigns, and masters online ads, webinars, podcasts, and copywriting. He builds strong relationships with clients, empowering them with support and resources to achieve their sales goals. Leveraging data insights, he refines strategies and collaborates seamlessly to stay ahead of the digital curve.



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