MODEX 2024

Witness our Hybrid Intralogistics Automation Solutions at MODEX 2024

Mar 11, 2024 - Mar 14, 2024
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA , USA
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Quicktron Robotics to Showcase Hybrid Intralogistics Automation Solutions at MODEX 2024 

Quicktron Robotics cordially invites you to MODEX 2024, the premier gathering of supply chain and logistics professionals. Join us at Hall C, Booth C4069  from March 11-14, 2024 as we unveil our latest Hybrid Intralogistics Automation Solutions, featuring cutting-edge mobile robots (AMRs).

Next-Gen Hybrid Goods-to-Person Solutions: 

With flexible mixed storage and centralized picking operations, this flexible robotic solution tackles every warehouse challenge, maximizing space (75%!) and accommodating any item size to skyrocketing throughput (4x faster!).

Discover the synergistic potential of QuickBin and Shelf-to-Person

Space Saving with Centralized Inventory: Store diverse items - totes, shelves, pallets - in one location for maximized space utilization (75% saved!), better inventory control, and 4X faster operations.

Robot Fetchers: Say goodbye to wasted time! Mobile robots navigate aisles, storing and delivering goods to centralized workstations, eliminating travel for pickers. Tall C56 scale 10 m racks for dense storage, Mini M5 delivers totes, and M100 handle pallets and shelves

Smart Moving (Point-to-Point Material Transfer)

Redefining material movement within warehouses and factories

Our hybrid Point-to-Point material handling solutions seamlessly integrate various robot types into manufacturing flows, streamlining internal logistics effortlessly with central control using our intelligent Logistics Execution System (LES). With a 99.99% accuracy in movement, they ensure both safety and productivity in manufacturing workflows. These robots can transfer heavy loads of up to 1500 Kg with ease, freeing up workers for value added activities.  

Key Benefits

Flexibility: AMRs adapt to changing factory layouts and tasks without fixed infrastructure, ensuring quick reprogramming and versatile deployment   

Cost-Saving Efficiency: AMRs slash labor costs by up to 60%, optimize resources, and maximize profitability.  

Real-time Data Insights: Equipped with sensors, AMRs provide real-time data for monitoring production, inventory, and equipment conditions, enabling informed decision-making.  

Safety: AMRs automate repetitive tasks with 99.99% accuracy, avoid obstacles, and boost safety. 

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Team of Experts at Booth

Alex Ramirez
Director of Business Development at Quicktron America
Coleman Parker
Head of North American Sales at Quicktron America
Dr. XI Jonathan
GM at Quicktron Robotics America
Iris Ren
Head of Global Marketing& Overseas Channel at Quicktron Robotics

Automation solutions

Goods-to-Person (GTP)

QuickBin (Bin-to-person)

Unique coordination among two types of robots for optimized storage and smooth transfer of bins of goods between the storage area and workstations, resulting in faster order fulfillment.

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Automated delivery of goods racks/shelves to workstations allows massive SKU handling efficiently. Elimination of non-value-added activities enhances operational efficiency.

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Smart Moving

Point-to-point (P2P)

P2P material handling using QR code, SLAM, or hybrid navigation technology ensures smooth mobility of goods within a warehouse or factory floor.

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